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“Barrage”… A rhythmic, objective take on parenting and estrangement!

Lolita Chammah as Catherine

...Visually moody, Barrage is tad too lengthy for the point it intends to make. In a case that is almost an abduction, certain moments between Catherine and Alba do not strike a chord, although some are abundant with unexpected humour. The narrative is laced with some melodious (and familiar) musical numbers that add to the film’s tense atmosphere. The DOP is confident with some interesting hand-held shots and so is the production design with the interiors screaming some kind of lived-in disarray. There is this unrehearsed disconcertedness that every department seems to flaunt, much like the way Barrage is written. Having said that, the film’s haphazard flow doesn’t make you particularly unconcerned about its protagonists. Just that a wee bit of fine-tuning could have done wonders to this otherwise nuanced, affecting film.


Christina Schaffer: "This point of view about the look of the film I like a lot. Catherine's inside reflections are in the mirror of the so called "lived-in disarray“ of her world. The here described "unrehearsed disconcertedness“ I feel is a wonderful success with what the director wanted to archive. Just like the inside of the mind of Catherine projected in her outside world; and what better compliment could we all get".

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